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    Local Rules

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USGA rules shall govern play except for the following local rules:


Players shall record their gross score (score with no handicap or max score adjustments) for each hole. All players must hole everything out. Players must turn in their signed scorecards to the Golf Shop within 15 minutes of finishing play. Scorecards not turned in will result in disqualification.

Rainout Policy

In the event of a rainout, as determined by the Committee, all entry fees will be refunded, and satisfaction credits issued for any unplayed holes.


A long continuous blast signifies that play is suspended. Players may mark the position of their golf ball, or simply leave it where it lay, and seek shelter immediately. At this point, the course and all outdoor facilities are closed. A high-low alternating tone signals all clear, whereupon players shall resume play without delay.

Alternative to Stroke and Distance for a Ball That is Lost or Out of Bounds

Alternative to Stroke and Distance for a Ball That is Lost or Out of Bounds

When a player’s ball cannot be found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.

For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or a substituted ball in this relief area (see Rule 14.3):

Two Estimated Reference Points:

  1. Ball Reference Point: The point where the original ball is estimated to have:
    1. Come to rest on the course, or
    2. Last crossed the edge of the course boundary to go out of bounds.
  2. Fairway Reference Point: The point of fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the ball reference point, but is not nearer the hole than the ball reference point.
  3. For purposes of this Local Rule, “fairway” means any area of grass in the general area that is cut to fairway height or less.

Size of Relief Area Based on Reference Points: Anywhere between:

  1. A line from the hole through the ball reference point (and within two club-lengths to the outside of that line), and
  2. A line from the hole through the fairway reference point (and within two club-lengths to the outside of that line)
  3. But with these limits:

Limits on Location of Relief Area:

  1. Must be in the general area, and
  2. Must not be nearer the hole than the ball reference point.

But, the player may not use this option when:

  1. That ball is known or virtually certain to have come to rest in a penalty area, or
  2. The player has played another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 18.3).

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  • Permanent Times

    The Village Links offers weekend permanent starting times from early April until the end of August. Tee Times begin at 5:30 AM and are assigned by lottery. To qualify for the lottery drawing, foursomes had to pay all fees by 5:00 PM on Sunday, March 5th, 2023. The drawing took place in the Blue Heron Room on Wednesday, March 8th @ 7:30 PM.

    Drawing Rules Registered Groups 2022 Drawing 2022 Results

  • Junior Camps

    The Village Links Junior Lesson Program offers a choice of Half Day Junior Golf Camps and All Day Junior Golf Camps. Half Day and All Day Junior Golf Camps are single day packages for boys and girls ages 8 & Up. We recommend that juniors with little or no experience start in Half Day Junior Golf Camps. All Day Junior Golf Camps are limited to the first 12 juniors to register and Half Day Junior Golf Camps are limited to the first 14 juniors to register.

  • Summer Junior League

    Summer Junior League Registration

    Our summer junior golf league is designed to bring a “Little League” atmosphere to the game of golf. With teams of boys and girls, age 8 to 13, the league provides a structured environment for young golfers to compete and have fun! This is a great way to get – and keep – kids involved in the game!

    Registration will begin on February 1st and run until April 15th. There will be space for 96 players. As in previous years, any players registered over the limit may be accepted as substitute players not assigned to any team.

  • Adult Group Lessons
    Adult Group Lesson Registration

    Evening Group Lessons for Adult Beginners are offered in 3 concentrated 60-minute sessions. The lessons cover the basic concepts of the game of golf. Students will be taught the fundamentals of full shots, chipping, putting, and sand shots. They will be taught how to practice these shots on their own. Each class will be limited to 6 students and all classes will be conducted by the Village Links Golf Professional staff. The cost is $85 for the three lesson series.

  • Resident Cards

    Residents of Incorporated Glen Ellyn may apply for a resident card for $20 annually ($10 before March 15), and receive discounts of up to 35% off regular rates, can book tee times 29 days in advance after 2:00 PM, as well as have six guest passes per year.

    The guest rate is available Monday through Thursday on the 18-hole course before 9:00 AM and is $43, one dollar more than the regular resident rate.

  • VIP Cards

    Frequent golfers who are not residents of Glen Ellyn are encouraged to purchase a VIP card for the season. Besides a 20% discount on non-resident green fees, VIP members also receive a 10% discount on regularly priced pro shop merchandise.